The Artists



Sean Kernick 1

 Sean Kernick

Sean Kernick was born in Detroit in 1977. He spent much of his young years in East Detroit being raised by his Mother and Aunt. Sean’s mother was a pre-school teacher and worked as a community activist/organizer part time. He still has clear memories of being at rallies and meetings with the mayor. He remembers watching the evening news and seeing a story about an organization demanding more funding for their neighborhood with the mayor of Detroit and seeing a wiry white kid drawing off in the corner, which was Sean himself.

Sean moved to Philly when he was ten and it was a whole different scene. Kids in Philly were much more ready to fight at the drop of a hat. He had to adapt a bit which happened gradually. By the time he got to high school, art and drawing were his main interests. At 17 he got into the graffiti scene pretty hard with a crew out of West Philly, ANC. He attended Syracuse University to major in illustration but only lasted two years as the gloom and snow ran him out of there. His stay at Syracuse was made partially tolerable by a fairly tight local graf scene.

He ended up transferring to School of Visual Arts (SVA) in Manhattan which was the best decision that he says he could have possibly made. New York City welcomed him with open arms and he gave the love back in turn. SVA took his skills and style and really pushed him in his own unique direction. He met the woman who would be his wife at a party in Brooklyn and now is a father of two beautiful daughters.

Sean is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director at Oak City Hustle.

Paul Friedrich 1

Paul Friedrich

Paul Friedrich is considered one of the artists and writers in the forefront of the Low Def Pop art movement. He is known for his humorous paintings with characteristic bold colors and lines based on his Eisner Award-nominated graphic novel “Onion Head Monster.”

Paul was born and raised on the basketball courts of Raleigh, North Carolina. He likes malls, chain restaurants and cable television. After college, he spent 3 years traveling America and has ridden his bicycle twice across the country.

Some of his accomplishments are being the co-founder of the SparkCon conference, the South’s pre-eminent conference on creativity, member of the award winning DesignBox, recently painted the graffiti mural at Marbles Kids Museum, has been selected each year for the CAT Bus Art-on-the-Move project, editor of HellCar Magazine, two-time champion of the Xtreme Suburban Endurance Event, as well as author and illustrator of several books, including “Lions!,” “Don’t Trust Evil Knievel,” “The Wolf Who Cried Boy,” and the highly acclaimed “Man vs Liver.”


Georges Le Chevallier 1

 Georges Le Chevallier

The youngest son of a French father and Puerto Rican mother, Georges Le Chevallier was born in Paris, France, and grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He studied painting at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid, Spain, before receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drawing and Painting from California State University in Long Beach. He received a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in painting from Hunter College of the City University of New York. His paintings, photographic works, and installations have been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally.