Film Poster and Credits




Curated by Francesca Talenti, Marc Russo, and Georges Le Chevallier / Created by Georges Le Chevallier / Edited by Marc Russo / Technical Advisor, Marc Russo / Produced by Georges Le Chevallier and Marc Russo / Music and Audio Editing by Bradley Pearce and Joseph Bruno at Criticalcutz / Directed by Georges Le Chevallier, Marc Russo, Shanmugapriya Maruthapillai, MT Maloney, Andre Silva, Kan Lume, Megan Wonowidjoyo, Lynne Hull, Christie Nuell, Brad Lambert, Paul Friedrich, Neil Hinson, Scott Renk, Rich Gurnsey, Ritxi Ostáriz, Ben Snell, Luke Ralston, Sean Coleman, Francesca Talenti, Adam Osgood, Nick Helton, and Kirby Culbertson / Opening and Closing Credits filmed by Robert King at Octave Blue Entertainment / Graphic Design: Georges Le Chevallier/ Font: Chunky by Tim Sutcliffe / Bloc Animation Project 2012

This movie is not officially rated. We at Bloc Projects agreed that it is not suitable for younger kids. We would compare it to a PG-13 movie.

Bloc Projects is grateful to the sponsors who did so much to support this event, and therefore bring the art of animation to theaters in your area

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