Monster Mash


Monster Mash


October 2010 at Visual Art Exchange Gallery, Raleigh NC

curated by Georges Le Chevallier


Bethany Bash, Creature Platter
Dave Berger, Needles
Elke Brand, Planet Black Ice
Courtney Brett, Wisdom
CJ Calvin, Trio
Claudia Corletto-Coleman, Pay Now or Pay Later
Kate Hibble Dilday, Frankie & Son – Lesson in Beauty
Laura Farrow, Anubis
James Fatata, Slaying of the Centaur
Heidi Grable, The Monster In Me
Michael Grohs, Birth of Hope
Sylvia Henry, Don’t Go Into the Woods at Night
Daniel Kieffer, Ghost 1
Daniel Kieffer, Ghost 2
Eliza Campbell Kiser, Patty, the Under the Bed Monster
Rob Larson, This Ain’t the Droid You’re Looking For
Anthony McQueen, Stone Skin
Anthony McQueen, Angel
Jeff Newell, Crown Me
Vicki Rees, Nuclear Migrane
Scott Renk, I Married a Monster
Scott Renk, Godzilla, King of Monsters
Liz Roetzel, Wraith
John Samosky, Buster
John Samosky, Ms. Hollow
Eric Saunders, Spider on Rust Fence
Samuel Taylor Smith, Charon (Inferno Series)
Samuel Taylor Smith, Cerberus (Inferno Series)
Joshua C. Williford, The Monster In Me